Hutter & Dhira is an independent Thai law firms providing legal services to foreign business clients for more than fifteen years.

Our clients come from several parts of the world such as Europe mostly Switzerland, U.S.A. and Asia such as Korea, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia.

We commit to provide a legal professional standard to our clients in order to achieve their need when investing in Thailand.

With an extensive expertise in foreign business investment in Thailand, we provide full range of legal business services to clients starting from setting up a company/joint venture/branch office/representative office until obtaining various permissions from the Thai authorities this will include applying for protection of  their intellectual property i.e. trademark/service mark, patent registration.

Regardless of what form of business you intend to operate in Thailand, we can provide you the Thai legal environment with full range of information to support your decision in order to serve what you need for investment in Thailand. We also provide litigation service for seeking law enforcement in Thailand.